Oleic Acid

اسید چرب اولئیک

Oleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid that is naturally present in animal and vegetable fats and oils. This compound is an odorless substance with a pale-yellow color. This material is used in various textile and leather industries; as well as chemical intermediates of alkyd resins, cleaning agent and emulsion in soap production, and production of   polyamide resin.  The oleic acid produced by this company has a vegetable origin and does not contain animal oleic acid. and is packed into 180 kg coated metal barrels.

Fatty Acid Composition
1.9% C14:0
0.6% C14:1
4.3% C16:0
6.5% C16:1
1.3% C18:0
63.5 C18:1
18.2 C18:2
0.50% C18:3
0.13% C20:0
0.14% C20:1
2.93% Others
Characteristics of Fatty Acids
Acid Number gr / KOH mg 199-200
Soap Number gr / KOH mg 200-202
Iodine Number 100 g/ iodine gr Min 90
Temperature oC Max 5